About Us


“To be continuously chosen, TOSCO’s Safety, Security, and Stability.”

Since our establishment in 1967, we have been managed a lot of domestic and oceangoing vessels. Currently, we are making the best efforts to contribute to society through the safe and stable cargo transportation by each vessel every day, as an in-house ship management company in Vessel Owner group which has more than 50 bulk carriers.

In order to achieve safe and stable transportation, we train experienced and excellent crew members (Filipinos, Koreans and Myanmars) and embark them on each vessel. Also, our all shore staffs from Japan, Korea, Philippines and China work together and create the system that can always support our crews. As the result, we provide high-quality vessels to major Japanese shipping companies and continue to earn the trust of them.

We, TOSCO continue to make stable management the top priority as always, meet the needs, respond to shipping companies’ trust and expectations that change from year to year, and continue to be selected for years to come.

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